Mediation Skills Certificate

This 16-day certificate is geared towards individuals seeking to gain models and skills to function as an external mediator / conflict management consultant (e.g. someone who is not known by the involved parties). All courses include hands-on practice followed by debriefing sessions with experienced practitioners. This program is offered in partnership with Facilitated Solutions, a firm of workplace conflict management specialists.


Workshops in Mediation Skills Certificate:

Introduction to Conflict Resolution - 2 days

Dealing with Anger - 2 days

Coaching for Resolution - 2 days

Basic Mediation Skills - 5 days

Mediation Practice - 2 days

3 Elective Skills Courses - minimum of 3 elective days required


*If you have previously taken Mediation Skills 1 and Mediation Skills 2, you will only need to complete 2 days of Elective Skills Courses.