Mediation Skills 2

How do I strengthen and deepen my understanding and capacity with the concepts, skills and models introduced in the first level of training?

How do I respond to those unique variables and challenging moments that inevitably aris in the course of doing mediation?

Participants will enhance their skills in the art of preparing for and carrying out mediation. Some additional skills and frameworks relating to screenings, assessments, and dealing with other “in person” challenges will be explores.

Introduction to Conflict Resolution + Mediation Skills 1 are prerequisites and need to be taken prior to taking Mediation Skills 2.

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Participants attending this workshop will have the opportunity to: 

  • Build on and strengthen their capacity to make use of the comprehensive model for conducting interpersonal mediation that was introduced in Mediation Skills I. Skills related to conducting initial interviews, co-mediator planning, follow-up preparation/coaching, and carrying out mediation in situations where parties have an ongoing relationship will be strengthened.   

  • Learn additional frameworks and skills related to addressing other challenges that inevitably arise in the course of mediation will also be explored(Prerequisite: Introduction to Conflict Resolution + Mediation Skills I) 


Dave Dyck and Janine Hogue Sansregret of Facilitated Solutions


October 26, 27 + 28th, 2021 | 8:30-4:00pm | In Person at Mediation Services

*Full refunds available if we have to cancel due to Covid restrictions.  However, we are expecting this course to be full to capacity on the scheduled date, or the rain check date if it comes to that.  Registrants will have the option of holding their seat if they'd prefer that route.  This course will NOT be moved online.  It will only go ahead once it is safe to do so, and government restrictions allow it.